Jamie decides to take up mountain biking after stumbling on a mountain bike race. Taking up this new sport is harder than she expects.


Jamie's first day out on a mountain is a disaster and being a total rookie, she nearly kills herself on day two. When she is almost ready to give up hope of ever being able to enjoy this two-wheeled extreme sport, she receives help from an unexpected source.

And so the adventure begins.


There are so many movies and clips out there featuring pro riders bombing down the mountain. Most of these videos are geared towards the industry and feature guys.


Nobody really talks about the women or shows the struggle of getting started in mountain biking. How do you start when none of your friends ride and you know literally nothing about bikes?


This film is in a narrative format on purpose - only this way we can truly tell the story in a way that captivates the audience and shows them so much more than just riding footage. It shows them the WHY: the excitement, the adrenaline rush, the pure joy you get from conquering your fears and pushing yourself to be better every day.


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Eline Mets


Eline has been in the film and TV industry for 12 years, having worked for several national television networks in Europe. Being a motocross racer, Eline is determined to tell stories about badass women. Her first narrative project "Diaries of Badass Chicks" won the Telus Storyhive Web Series Pilot edition and is now viewable on Telus Optik TV. The pilot is currently being developed into full series.

Amanda Bayley

Featured rider, script consultant

Races Enduro and XC. Loves anything with lots of roots and rock rolls and any trail that maker her adrenaline rush.

Ride lead in Mudbunnies- an all women's mountain biking club. Organizes Wednesday night rides for women of all abilities. An aircraft mechanic by trade. Favourite riding spot: Squamish, BC

Leonardo Harim


Leonardo is a Brazilian Cinematographer based in Vancouver, BC. He has won numerous awards, including Best Cinematography at Vancouver Short Film Festival for his work on the short film Cypher. His portfolio comprises of a long line of narrative films, commercials, music videos and documentaries.  

Scott Secco


Scott Secco is an adventure filmmaker. He has a writing degree from the University of Victoria and honed his craft as a filmmaker shooting for Sherpas Cinema and Anthill Films. He currently lives in Squamish, BC